Stephen W. Moore

Wood Turning

Wood Lathe

My wood lathe, mounted on my trusty Delta Contractorís Saw.

Amboyna Emperor Pen

Machined from the burl of Pterocarpus Indicus (Amboyna). These pens were made for my friends Karim Zaghib from Hydro-Quebec and Jim Barnes from DoE.

Amboyna Emperor Pen

Dr. Sheen from SK Corporation owns this pen.

Glass Woodgrain Pen

Machined from acrylic glass with delicate streamers of black and metallic pigments. This pen was machined for Chisu Kim.

John Waters carries its twin.

Buckeye Burl Pen

Machined from the burl of the Buckeye Tree.

Vesco Manev, the famous Bulgarian scientist, writes with this pen.

Cigar Pens

Pictured are cigar pens made from Indian Rosewood and Red Malee Burl (center). Not pictured is Black and White Ebony.

Mo-Hua Yang, She-Huang Wu, and Bor Yann Liaw carry these three.


Red Palm Fountain Pen

This pen was made for Richard Bradshaw of Sterling Strategic Services.



Turquoise Stone

This heavy Turquoise pen was machined for Jess Sixkiller of the Cherokee.

Amboyna Fountain Pen

These massive, heavy pens were machined from the burl of Pterocarpus Indicus (Amboyna) and incorporate Gold and Rhodium finish.