Stephen W. Moore

 Odds and Ends: Projects

2004 FIRST Robot team 1024

Mentor for McKenzie High School students (Indianapolis) team 1024 “kil-a-bytes” for 2005 FIRST robotics program.

Mentored students on motor torque-speed curves, robotic guidance electronics and algorithms, and sensor feedback.

This team won the West Michigan Regional.

2003 FIRST Robot team 868

Mentor for Carmel High School Team 868 FIRST Robotics team “TechHounds”.

The TechHounds won a regional and divisional competition and advanced to the final bracket at the Nationals.  Also awarded the Delphi Golden Gear Award.


2002 FIRST Robot team 868

Mentor for the rookie year at Carmel High School Team 868 FIRST Robotics team “TechHounds”.

This team was awarded the GM Industrial Design Award and the Entrepreneurship Award.

2003 Segway HT

I performed extensive testing on the Segway HT.  The picture on the left was taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during tests.

I commuted on a Segway HT for 6 months.

Destructive Test Engineer

My job was to blow up batteries and analyze the results.  I created some spectacular methods of “releasing” the energy stored in batteries.

Because of concerns about lithium battery safety, I joined the International Electrotechnique Commission (IEC) as a safety expert in group SC/TC21A.

Amateur Machinist

As an amateur machinist, I commonly constructed my own test fixtures and apparatus for experiments.

I applied my machine shop skills to my volunteer work with the high school student FIRST program.

Remote Sensor Deployments

I worked with Texas Transportation Institute to design and deploy remote sensors.  Pictured is a solar-powered Doppler radar sensor with acoustic signature sensor.

I designed the power system (solar cells, battery, energy management system) to work in cloudy and adverse weather without starving the sensor of power.

I also wrote the digital protocol and language for the 2.4GHz radio communications link.

Wireless Data Repeater

Self-contained, solar-powered wireless 2.4GHz radio communications link repeater.

I developed the digital protocol and architecture to tie together a system of remote sensors.

Picture taken on top of Rudder Tower at Texas A&M University.

Remote Weather Monitoring Stations

Pictured is a self-contained, solar-powered remote weather monitoring station.  I designed the solar cells, battery, and energy management system to tolerate cloudy and adverse weather conditions without taking the station off-line.

The energy controller had algorithms to report the battery condition and predicted battery maintenance issues (important for a remote installation).

Pumpkin Chunkin

So I chunked a pumpkin with a trebuchet.  It was fun.