Stephen W. Moore

Computer Anthology

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400

EVGA nForce 680i Motherboard

Core 2 Duo E6400

Corsair DDR2 SDRAM (4x1GB) at 800MHz

GeForce 7950GT

Antec Earthwatts Power Supply

3DMark2005:  10233        PCMark2005:  6447

Dual AMD Opteron 246HE

Tyan Tiger K8W (S2875) Motherboard

DDR266 SDRAM (4x1GB)

ATI FireGL TI-128 CAD Workstation Card

Antec TruePower Power Supply

3DMark2005:  1486         PCMark2005:  3359

Still in operation. Upgraded from Opteron 242.

Dual AMD Athlon MP 1.6MHz

Tyan Tiger AMD-760MPX Motherboard

DDR266 SDRAM (4x1GB)

GeForce 3 Graphics Card

High power consumption

Retired but still operable and assembled

AMD Athlon XP 1.6MHz Thunderbird

MSI K7T Turbo2 Motherboard (Socket A)

PC133 SDRAM (3x513MB)

GeForce FX5500 (AGP)

PCMARK2005:  1250

Still in operation as the guest computer.  Used regularly.

In 2005, it was the Altairnano corporate (Anderson) server

Dual Socket 370 Celeron 333MHz

ABIT BP6 Motherboard

PC133 SDRAM (168 pin)

GeForce 2 DDR

Intel 440BX Chipset

Highly overclockable



AMD Socket 7 K6-2 400MHz

Also used Intel Pentium 233MMX

Also used Cyrix 6x86 PR166+

Asus P5A Motherboard

PC133 SDRAM (168 pin)

Ali Aladdin V Chipset

Still operable but disassembled


Intel Slot 1 Celeron 300MHz


PC133 SDRAM (168 pin)

Intel 440BX Chipset



Intel Celeron 333MHz

Soyo 7IZB+ Motherboard

Socket 370

PC133 SDRAM (168 pin)

Intel 440ZX Chipset

Still Operable and assembled

Intel P54C Pentium 90

Intel Plato Premier/PCII (Socket 5)

Intel Neptune NX Chipset

72-pin SIMM, maximum 128MB

Passive CPU heatsink

Still Operable (most recently used as a data acquisition system with Windows NT 4.0)

Intel Pentium M 740 1.73MHz

DFI 915GM-MGF Motherboard


Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset

Integrated Intel Graphics GMA900

Used as a high-efficiency (30 watts) server

PCMARK2005:  1962

AMD 468DX80


30-pin SIMM, 2x4MB

256KB Cache

Passive CPU heatsink

Still operable and assembled

368 with Co-Processor

30-pin SIMM, 8MB

This is a museum of my current and past desktop computers in reverse chronology.  Many of the computers are either still in operation or still operable.

Atari 800XL (1984)

3rd Generation Atari 8-Bit computer

64K Memory

Built-in BASIC

Also had double-density 5 1/4” disk drive and tape storage drive.

Atari 800 (1979)

MOS 6502 Processor at 1.8MHz                  48K Memory

320x192 Maximum Resolution                    2 Cartridge slots

                      This was the computer that started it all…..


VIA C7 1.5GHz

Jetway J7F4 Mini-ITX Motherboard

1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz

Integrated Video

Used as low power FreeNAS filesystem server

Much slower than the Intel Atom or Pentium M for the same wattage (30 to 40 watts)

Intel Atom 1.6GHz

Intel D945GCLF Motherboard

2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz

Integrated Video

Runs 64-bit Debian Linux with XFS

Rockin’ little motherboard that runs 64-bit Linux. Faster than VIA C7 but slower than the Pentium M for the same wattage