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Lithium Energy Specialist

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Mr. Moore has extensive experience in the advanced energy field from both the science and business perspectives. His experience includes executive-level consulting in the energy field, manager of business development for a nanotechnology company, vice president of a small lithium battery corporation, and various science and technology positions. Mr. Moore is the author of multiple patents relating to control theory and the energy field, is widely published on topics of lithium battery systems. He is a registered expert in the International Electrotechnique Commission (IEC) regulatory and standardization body TC/SC21A and is the Chairman of the IEC large-format standardization committee.

Recent Activities

Lithium Power Solutions LLC

Owner and Founder

Professional Experience

Inanovation, Inc.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (2007-2010)

International Electrotechnique Commission (IEC)

Chairman, SC21A WG5 - Large Format Lithium Batteries (2005-2010)

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

Chairman Pro Temp, Energy Storage Council (2009)

International Energy, LLC

Lithium Energy Specialist (2006-2007)

Altair Nanotechnologies

Manager of Business Development (2006)

Altair Nanotechnologies

Science and Technology Specialist (2005)

Lithium Power Systems

Vice President of Business Development (2005)

EnerDel, Inc.

Senior Program Manager of Business Development (2004-2005)

Delphi Corporation

Senior Program Manager (2004)

Delphi Corporation

Lead Systems Engineer and Program Manger (2002-2004)

Delphi Corporation

Engineering Program Manger (2000-2002)

Patents Awarded

US 6,577,099 Method and Apparatus for Providing and Storing Power in a Vehicle

US 6,765,389 Method of Computing AC Impedance of an Energy System

US 7,005,830 Rechargeable battery pack with adaptive regenerative energy control and method thereof

US 7,106,026 Method of dynamically charging a battery using load profile parameters

US 7,126,312 Method and apparatus for balancing multi-cell lithium battery systems

US 7,245,107 System and method for battery charge control based on a cycle life parameter

Patents Pending

US 2006/0238165 Battery Cold-Temperature Warm-up Mechanism Using Cell Equalization Hardware

US 2006/0033475 Method for Dynamic Cell Balancing for Lithium Battery Systems

US 2006/0022639 Method and apparatus for balancing multi-cell lithium battery systems

US 2005/0052185 Method of operating an energy system using load profile parameters

US 2005/0052159 Method and apparatus for overcharge protection using analog overvoltage

US 2004/0222768 System and method for battery charge control based on charge capacity headroom

Trade Secrets Awarded

Method for Determining Impedance of Electrical Elements

Other Patent Applications

Method of In Situ Cell Equalization for Multi-Cell Lithium Battery Systems

Method of Predictive Cell Equalization for Multi-cell Lithium Battery Systems

Modularized Lithium Battery Control System

Self Calibrating Algorithm for Correction for Voltage Measurement Inaccuracies in Battery Pack Systems

Method for Computing Non-Stationary Load Profile Parameters

Selected Publications

Ship Wide Uninterruptible Power Supply for the DDG-51

Investing in Nanotechnology Battery Materials (2006 Global Equities Conference)

A Hybrid Valve-MOSFET SE Amp (Part 1 and Part 2)

Very Long Life Lithium-Ion Battery Systems: Calendar Life, Cycle Life, and Electronic Management (Batteries 2005)

Control and Management Strategies for the Delphi High Power Lithium Battery (EVS 21)

Control and Management Strategies for the Delphi High Power Lithium Battery (EVS18)

A Review of Cell Equalization Methods for Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Battery Systems (SAE 2001-01-0959)

Effect on Vehicle Performance of Extending the Constant Power Region of Electric Drive Motors (SAE 1999-01-1152)

Analysis of a Dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracker for Photovoltaic Applications

Analysis of Electric Vehicle Utilization on Global CO2 Emission Levels (SAE 99PC-143)